Denver, Colorado Metro Area

Looking to get outdoors and immerse yourself in nature? The Denver metro area is home to some of the most beautiful natural habitats around! From dry grassland plains to riparian areas along the South Platte River, Cherry Creek and their tributaries, there are plenty of amazing sites for you to explore.  You can connect with nature right outside your door! Visit this website for more information about the beautiful plants and wildlife you can find in the midst of the metro area.

shallow river through natural area
South Platte River

Catch Up With Local Plants and Animals in Denver

willow creek and floodplain

Willow Spring Open Space

Discover the hidden secrets of Willow Spring Open Space! Take a fresh look at nature with every season, find out what birds you can spot in your neighborhood and identify native plants by sight. An exciting adventure awaits!

Articles About Willow Spring Open Space

Colorado Mountain Forests

Experience the magical forests of Colorado’s mountains. You can expect a wealth of beauty, from majestic pine trees to serene aspen woods.  Explorers will find plenty to admire in each season with varied blooms such as pink wild geraniums and blue columbines providing bright spots of color on the ground, while birds can be heard overhead.  Read up to learn about the unique wildlife and wildflowers in the wonderful mountain forests.

Blue and white flower among green trees
Colorado Blue Columbine

Explore nature in the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains

American crow on a branch

American Crows

American Crows are large black birds that travel in flocks called a “murder” of crows….
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valley in mountains with small town along river
Bailey – nestled in the Platte River Valley – view from Mt. Bailey


Come explore the mountain town of Bailey, Colorado! At 7,700 feet above sea level in the Platte River valley and just 40 miles southwest of Denver, it’s a great launching point for your outdoor mountain adventures. Whether you’re looking to hike on stunning trails or snowshoe and cross-country ski in wintertime, there’s something for everyone here. In between adventures, visit local restaurants, shops, brewpub and winery too!

Discover the Delights near Bailey, Colorado: Mountain Adventures Await!