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Exploring the World From the Naturalist Perspective

A Naturalist is someone who loves to explore and expand their knowledge about nature.

I’m an enthusiastic nature lover who loves to explore the great outdoors.

Growing up in Colorado, I was lucky to have amazing outdoor opportunities right at my fingertips – mainly through attending Girl Scout camp in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve been captivated by Nature ever since, whether it be hiking in the Rockies or while visiting different places around the world.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from Tulane University, giving me the opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystems in Louisiana and Mississippi first-hand. Although I later chose to pursue a career in accounting that filled the majority of my working years, my love for nature never faded.

Now retired, I’m delighted to return to my roots and have more time to explore nature. This passion for nature has only grown stronger, inspired by the Denver Audubon Community Naturalist course and by gaining more plant knowledge by becoming a Colorado Native Plant Master. The knowledge and insights gained from those courses have rekindled my enthusiasm for the natural world around me and inspired me to share what I’ve learned with others.

I am sharing this information through this website, which can be used as a reference tool for exploring around Colorado. I am using Willow Spring Open Space as a base to study the plants and birds of the Denver Metro Area, and areas around Bailey to explore the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains. I’m excited to help others get outside and see through the lens of the Naturalist’s Perspective.

I am grateful for the extensive help I have received from my daughter, Ashley, in setting up this website.

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